11 December 2017

The World Is A Mess. But It Could be SO Much Worse!

Global warming is man caused.
Humankind's pollution is poisoning our air, our water, and our food.

How wonderful that Stalin killed 12 million vermin.
Mao killed over 45 million.
Hitler probably killed 8 million+.
Planned Parenthood has contributed to untold numbers of deaths.
(Sources I checked indicate these numbers are horribly conservative.)

Think what a poisoned, weatherweird world we'd be living in if all these people (and their offspring) had survived.

(Sarc button off.)


Ed Bonderenka said...

That's one way to look at it :)

Old NFO said...

Yeah, and don't forget two world wars... sigh...

The Old Man said...

We are going to have to do our best even if we don't have a new Hitler. But we didn't get a new "Ilsa of The SS" either. Was not a great Trump fan, but:

a. He's not "Gimme" Bernie Sanders
b. He's not the consiglierie of the Clinton Crime Syndicate
c. He is doing what he threatened (said)
d. More interesting times are coming. Be very afraid.

Amigo, my e-mails have been bouncing. Let me know what the problem is....