20 July 2017

Defacing God's Handiwork

I have NEVER understood the tattoo.
Growing up, there was the infrequent "USMC" tattoo on one of my Dad's acquaintances, generally added to a bicep in someplace like Manila when the bearer was soused.
I once saw one that read "When I die I'm sure to go to heaven, 'cause I've already been to Hell."
I'll let God make that decision.

But lately I'm REALLY perplexed.
We're almost in "Illustrated Man" territory with some people.
... Take a somewhat ugly set of legs and completely cover calves with equally ugly tats.
Or, like "American Pickers", cover the chest of a reasonably attractive woman with some garish artwork.

I've had this discussion with women I'm attracted to.
Some have revealed they have a tat discretely placed where only someone VERY special will see it.
(I'm assuming this will be a tiny butterfly or rose, and that it would normally be hidden beneath undergarments... a "present" for someone fortunate enough to unwrap the package!)
That means the bearer had to expose that part of her body to the artist... (how "special was he?)... a thought that kinda turns me off by itself.

I fear those getting tats today are being affected by a fad.
And as age comes upon them, they'll regret the pressure they felt when they went under that needle.

But that's just me.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

I'm with you.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I determined at a young age that I wanted no permanent markings that certain agencies could identify me by.
Gages in ears (and elsewhere) add to the insult presented to the eyes by some of these tat freaks.

Greybeard said...

Ed, some kids I love are putting those "hole" earrings in their ear lobes.
Have they never considered what an attractive target those stupid things are?
How would they feel if someone dragged them down the street using that hole as a hand-hold?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Only one of my kids got tats.
Navy. Wierd jap stuff. Ughh.

Old NFO said...

Never got them either... I'm with Ed...

Anonymous said...

Getting a tattoo is like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari

Anonymous said...

I have always thought it was a better way to id the body, I just don't get why beautiful men and women print advertisements on themselves. What does it do to the employment chances for them, but from that note I guess when their generation starts the hiring it will be the norm, im glad im old sometimes. russell