14 September 2016

The Joy of Online Banking-

Like waking up in your own bed finding someone came during the night, sedated you, and removed your appendix.
After approving the transaction, your bills are paid automatically.
What could be easier?

Except it's TOO easy.
We finally began to pay attention to those bills we pay online.
Our phone bill for two cell phones was running us $105 per month.
We saw a "Tracfone" advertised on QVC and realized maybe there was an alternative.
We bought the phone and I paid a visit to our local phone store to transfer ONE of the phone numbers to the Tracphone account. It was amazing how helpful our local provider was, helping to keep the account of the second phone by lowering its cost!
We've reduced our total monthly cost by at least $50 per month.

I started thinking-
What other bill is paid similarly? The answer?
Our Satellite TV bill.
You know "The Rest of The Story"...
That cost now reduced from $120/month to $85/month.
That's now $85/month we'll have in our pockets to use as we see fit.

How 'bout you...
Maybe you need to take a closer look at your online "outgo"?


Old NFO said...

That's what the big companies are counting on, you NOT paying attention... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Reviewed my auto (three vehicles) and renters insurance. Nice discussion at the agent's office and $12 less is coming out of my account. That and the cell phone are the only auto pays. Since I am often gone two weeks at a time and the schedule is not fixed, those two important accounts don't get overlooked.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Just had that eye opener with Comcast last month.