29 December 2015

Headline Writing

Okay, I'm a little fuzzy this morning, so bear with me.
Check out two headlines from "Drudgereport":

"Number of Journalists Killed Balloons to 110 This Year"...
"Emergency room visits from distracted walking skyrocket"

Why are journalists killing these poor balloons?
And how is it "distracted walking skyrockets" are being allowed to enter our emergency rooms?


Ed Bonderenka said...

My thoughts exactly.

Unfortunately Anonymous said...

Drudge's headlines have bothered me for a while now... His phrasing has gotten clumsier over the years, and it seems like more of them misrepresent the story as a whole.

I guess I have seen worse headlines. "Yankees win the World Series" is probably the worst. In all seriousness, though, headline writing is an under-appreciated art.

Bag Blog said...

Speaking of headlines, I was doing some blog surfing and "Pitchpull" caught my eye as well as this post. Today one of my blog-buddies started her post with, "This morning I sketched with my feet up on my iPad." When I quit laughing, I left a smart-a$$ comment.