06 January 2015

"Homeless Vet, Please Help."

Here in Phoenix the schools sell a book of coupons offering discounts on meals at restaurants, oil changes, miniature golf and other things, as fundraisers.
My son bought two of 'em, and that means we could almost literally go out to eat EVERY night and still not use all the available coupons.
So far we've eaten at "Taco Bell", "Wendy's", "Denny's", "Golden Corral", and "Del Taco".
Besides accepting our  discount coupons, what do you suppose all these eateries might have in common?

EVERY ONE OF 'EM has a "Help Wanted" sign at their front door.
"Wendy's" sign says "Help Wanted, ALL positions".

We no longer give anything to panhandlers here.
If they wanted to work, there are hundreds of places they could get a job, (and probably get a meal  or two as part of their benefits package.)

What has happened to my country?


cary said...

That is why I don't "help" the beggars. I do tell them there are plenty of jobs, if they just got out and looked. Problem is, most of them make more in a day of begging that they could in a week at minimum wage.

OlePrairiedog said...

There is a site where you can look up the annual average welfare payments by each state. Hawaii is $60,000+/- per year. NM is around $29k. Makes you wonder....hmmm!

Anonymous said...

Free Cheese and Leftists in government happened to our country, coupled with citizens able to VOTE themselves MORE Free Cheese.


Old NFO said...

It's in the damn toilet because people can get 'free' money without doing anything!!!