10 December 2014

Pokin' The Hornet's Nest:

I know history.
I know how our "Greatest Generation" Allies gathered information to save the lives of men storming the beaches at "Juno", "Omaha", "Sword", "Utah", and "Gold".
I know I WOULD NOT have been comfortable with the tactics used to get that information.
I also know those tactics saved millions...

Let me emphasize that: MILLIONS of lives.

The gathering of intelligence is a nasty business.
When intelligence agencies fail at their work, thousands can die either jumping from burning buildings or being crushed in the collapse of those structures.
Our intelligence agencies must be STRONG, and must be able to do things that make most of us uncomfortable.

Regular readers know I'm dismayed with the direction our country is taking.
I blame it on Dianne Feinstein.
I blame it on Nancy Pelosi.
And I question whether or not Harry Reid has enough testosterone to qualify as an actual male.

There is a term, The "Pussification of America".
Al Qaeda does not give a DAMN what Dianne Feinstein thinks.
And until we realize that, we're screwed.

Where is OUR Margaret Thatcher?


Tumo said...

Well said brother. Those words ring loudly with me...

cary said...

Still looking for her, heck, I would settle for a male version of Thatcher right now.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Several FB postings show a falling human at the World Trade Center.

Most comments are of, I don't give a s%^t what we do to terrorists".

I concur.

Old NFO said...

Well said and on the money... dammit...