25 June 2013

I Am Jimmy Buffett

"So, how's retirement going?"

Thank you for asking. It's a difficult adjustment, and I ain't adjusted yet.
I miss the satisfaction, knowing my work was helping others.
I miss working with others willing to take the risk of doing what has turned out to be one of the more dangerous jobs in the world in order to save lives and help the sick.
And then there's the pain and shame of knowing I have become Jimmy Buffett.

We spent half of November, December, and January in Destin, FL, then, upon my retirment spent ALL of February and March there. Destin is wonderful...
Arguably the most beautiful beaches in the world. Seafood served in restaurants was swimming in salt water the day before being served. Cool nights, warm days... it's all too easy to sit in the sun on the balcony overlooking the Gulf while reading something interesting.
And since the refrigerator is only a few steps away, a cold beverage can be had on a whim.
But what cold beverage? Iced tea? Iced coffee? Soda pop?

We all-too-quickly got into "Jimmy Buffett" mode...
"It's five O'Clock somewhere!"
And that five-liter box of wine is just sitting there begging for attention.
"Want some grape juice?"
"Why yes dear, I'd LOVE some!"

Pretty quickly I noticed my waist band tighten, and the need to put my belt thingy into a hole closer to the end of the belt.
Both of us came back North wearing clothes that we struggled to get into. I knew drastic measures were in order, but didn't want to take on the struggle until life settled down so we could both diet.
We finished our annual Goose Round-up last week... a time of hard work and hard play, with lots of beer flowing. Saturday morning I got on the scale...
That is, BY FAR, the most I have EVER weighed.
I am 5'9" tall.
I'm MUCH too short to put that much mass on two feet.

So Sunday morning we got started doing something about it.
One of Sara Jean's friends had suggested the "Sacred Heart Soup Diet". Some years ago an acquaintance had mentioned his success with it, so we decided to give it a shot.

Monday morning I weighed in... 224 pounds.
Tuesday A.M.... 220.
So yeah, it's probably mostly water lost.
But I can already see a difference in my stomach bulk, and I've taken my belt up a notch.

Right now we're discussing staying on this diet two weeks, then switching to the "Atkins" diet for a couple weeks... we've had great success with it too.
I'll update ya later on what we do and the results we experience.
But one thing is sure-
When I reach my target weight I'll be on the scale EVERY MORNING, and if I've gained a pound, the pie-hole will be shut until that pound is gone. That'll take discipline, and although I've enjoyed being Jimmy for these past few months, he's killing me.

It's time to start "Wasting away..." so I don't feel like a beached whale when we return to Destin.


Greybeard said...

Weigh-in today indicates I've gained a pound.
Tomorrow is "Beef/Chicken and tomatoes" day, and we're both looking forward to it, although now I'm worried I'll gain another pound or two.
I'll letcha know.

the golden horse said...

I am glad you are enjoying your retirement, even though there is an adjustment period.
Good for you for taking charge of your weight.
In Jan. we bought a juice machine and had a drink daily. We were doing great, then the knee and total idleness. Then almost 2 weeks back in Colorado where it was a contest as who could feed us the best. Goodness.
Still deciding or whether to have the surgery, but, I refuse to gain more, with several months recovery.
I guess our future is indeed in our hands and mouths. Good luck with yours.

The Old Man said...

Good luck, amigo. I've fallen into that pit and digging your way out with a spoon is a long task.
But do-able once you recognize the problem. I found that skipping lunch and watching the dinner caloric intake pretty much works for me. But no more massive t-bones like I used to destroy cheerfully "back in the day"....

Greybeard said...

Weigh-in this morning:
Today is meat day, and I'm concerned we'll see an increase on the scale tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

Greybeard said...

Eight pounds in 6 days...
The scale today read 218.
Looks like I'm on schedule to lose 10 pounds in a week,
and I'm not tired of eating the soup.

OlePrairiedog said...

Well, I am willing to give it a try also. Mrs OPD approves. After this holiday weekend, "Mom's 90th B'day and many guests depart, We're gonna try it.

CnC said...

Good luck with your battle my friend. As a recovering fat ass I know of the daily struggle.
I have lost 55 lbs and I have to fight this fight every day.
It took 8 months to get in shape and the key is walking a lot and strength training. I started slow and worked my way up so I actually enjoy my walks to the park and working out at the gym.
I make a mean diet Long Island and that helps me get through the weekends at the lake.
You will feel so much better GB, I have stopped taking 2 of my high blood pressure meds,
Keep on keepin on!

CnC said...

You will periodically hit a wall where no matter what you do it seems like you are stuck at a certain point. The body will fight to keep its set point.
It helps to change something up. I was actually not eating enough and altered my diet and added more smaller meals and changed my workout routine.
When you get at your target rate and stay ther awhile your set point will adjust and it gets easier to keep the weight off.
I give myself a day or two a week where I can have some of my favorite meals. It's just a struggle to keep those free days limited and not let it become 3 or 4 or 5 days a week .
Sorry don't mean to get preachy here, like they say there is nothing worse then a former smoker that bitches about smokers. I just feel 20 years younger and when I want to dive into a box of donuts I just tell myself that nothing tastes as good as this feels!

Old NFO said...

Great idea, and my doc told me to ditch the white bread and go to whole wheat or NO bread... TOo many carbs