20 May 2013

An Unfair Comparison-

With the explosion of scandals now causing the
president(?)'s associates to spin like whirling dervishes, we're seeing more and more Obama/Nixon comparisons. This is misguided and unfair. There are STRIKING differences between the two men, and I'd like to illustrate them.

Richard Nixon could not sing like the Reverend Al Green.
It was never public knowledge that he used illicit drugs. As a matter of fact, his administration had strong anti-drug policies.
Photos of Nixon's Mother were pretty boring.
Citizens never questioned his birthplace.
Major investigative agencies never declared his birth certificate "a forgery".

His Father was a U.S. citizen, so there was never any question of his eligibility to hold the office of PoTUS.
His record in Undergrad and Grad school was public knowledge, so we know he was an EXCELLENT student.
He was NEVER denied the ability to practice law.

Richard Nixon was a known anti-communist.
Commissioned an Ensign, he then served in the Navy and was a World War II Veteran.
He sought to REDUCE the size of the Federal government, transferring power to the individual States.
He strongly supported Israel.

But he wasn't cool.
How things have changed, huh?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Posted to FB.

CJ said...

His biggest mistake was not coming clean immediately.

And he had the good graces to resign.


Old NFO said...

Good one, thanks!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The LARGEST issue?

Nixon wasn't perceived to be black.

Therefore, Obama shall be forgiven.