29 April 2013


It's there, lurking.
Just behind that next corner.
Be careful how you approach, 'cause it might attack.

It's maybe my worst failing, and I know it. So why can't I quash it?
I watch others failing by using drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes and hold them in a sort of compassionate contempt, but know I don't want them inside my "circle of wagons".
So, recognizing how damaging this trait is, why can I not control it?

There are close relatives I no longer want to be part of my life.
In-laws are now "out-laws".
We watch the news and the anger boils up...
"If they hadn't voted for this S.O.B. we wouldn't be facing this problem."
And we've even expressed this to the out-laws. Their response?...
"I'm not really paying attention to the news, so I don't know anything about that."
And that's the problem you ignorant, CO2 producing poor excuse for intelligent life.
So why did you vote? You had NO idea what the candidate stood for!
There I go again.

I want to scream.
Trying to change minds, instead, I alienate.
No amount of rational argument, coming out of my angry, screwed-tight face, will change an ignorant mind that is already closed.

But how can they not see it?
Our country is being "fundamentally transformed" before our very eyes, and the only topic you can address with these people is, "Who was eliminated from 'Dancing With The Stars' last night?"

I signed that blank check...
Agreed to die fighting, if necessary, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Now I'm watching the president, Congress, and bureacrats all along the way ignore that document, enforcing "the laws we want to enforce", ignoring those they don't.
How long can this go on?
And how do I control my anger so I can make others come to the realization we are "on the brink"?

I'm open to suggestion.
'Cause what I'm doin' ain't workin'.

("Doc, it hurts when I do THIS.")


Scotty said...

"Trying to change minds, instead, I alienate.
No amount of rational argument, coming out of my angry, screwed-tight face, will change an ignorant mind that is already closed."

That's why I quit trying! I only look for more fertile ground to work on.

Mat_10:14 If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town.

While we know Jesus wasn't talking about politics here, there's no reason why one should not take the same actions.

And.....as I get older, my threshold for pain lowers. It's just no fun slammin' my head against that wall!

As far as alienating? I never do....others choose to alienate themselves from me. It's their choice.

Given what you and I had to deal with when we came back to the world, it's nothing new......it's their loss, not mine!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Scotty said it. Now to live it.
I have a choice.
Love, hate or indifference.
I can't do hate or indifference so I'm stuck with love.
I can only do love through the power of Christ.

Scotty said...

"I can only do love through the power of Christ."

Amen, Ed, amen!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Not to ignore that you've described my anger perfectly.

the golden horse said...

And the pain is only increased when you learn it was all done with fraud. More and more is coming out.
Those that refuse to listen will live to regret it. I don't wish to participate.
Keep plugging along and trying, I have had a few admit to things they didn't know before. do it gently and with love. If they still refuse, tell them to prepare.

Joe said...


Old NFO said...

I'm with you, and no good answers here either... sigh

The Old Man said...

I've found that a cheerful "How's that hope-n-change workin' out for ya, Sparky?" makes me feel better about the whole thing and usually makes the recipient turn an interesting shade of red. It often elicits the phrase "but I didn't know!" in the reply.
Be gentle with those who will not see the truth else you wind up looking like the yammerheads in Washington

Anonymous said...

Hi GB, Seen this clip yet?




Bump said...

This must be "take-care-of-your-local-terrorist-month". It's the limit when you think about our tax dollars used to pay welfare payments to these Muslim bomber morons. I have to admit that it sounds just like another of Obama's brilliant decisions.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Waited to post a response oping to see good answers. My answer? Damned if I know.

CnC said...

Gee GB you should do what I did to get my mind off the disgusting DC shenanigans, get a divorce . Haha

Milepost 154 said...

The best you can do is purchase ammo, have your firearms purchased and well oiled, attempt to CYA in terms of your dollars and worth, and stock up on food, water and defensible items.

There's a reason I live 91 miles from work, up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. People thought I was insane; I suspect in another year or so they won't be saying as much, if for no other reason than cell phone service no longer exists.

There is no saving this country, I've finally concluded. The Parasites now outnumber the Hosts and the Parasites will ALWAYS vote themselves MORE Free Cheese.

Further, the Demorats are doing their level best to ensure that, demographically, the number of Parasites will continue to grow exponentially.

Simple as that. Demography rules.