19 January 2013


But not "Drop dead gorgeous"... just "girl-next-door" pretty.
For me there was something about her. A good actress,  
I "believed" her in all her roles.
There was something else though...
I fell in love with her. 

We often hear others say similar things describing Norma Jeane... a vulnerability that motivates men to protect a frightened gal. But Marilyn had blockbuster relationships with Joe DiMaggio, then Arthur Miller. 
I knew NOTHING of Inger Stevens personal life. But there was something about her that gave off the "prey animal" vibe. 
Maybe it was the fact that she was sick during much of her early years. Maybe her parents' divorce when she was nine tore a hole in her heart.

When I learned of her death in 1970, I was surprised how sad I felt.
Do we all go through the "If only I could have known her personally and shown her how much others really care about her" feelings?
Well, I did.
And when I look at her images or see her onscreen, large or small, my "protect" instincts are still stirred.

I wish I could have known you.
But I was just a kid.


Ed Bonderenka said...

That look on her face is perfect.
A flirty challenge (although I'm sure she was looking at you GB)?
I remember The Farmer's Daughter and it was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.

Scotty said...

I fell in love with a swede too! Married her!! Still together after 42 years!

lotta joy said...

Hey, what you're drawn into are her "SLOE" eyes. Yes. There's a name for them. Then there's the dimple. I have a dimple just like that.....feel protective of me now? meh. I didn't think so.

Old NFO said...

Yep, she was the girl next door...

Greybeard said...

Scotty, I LOVE the Swedish Bikini team!
D, wait 'til we meet...
You may hate the way I smother you.

lotta joy said...

Okay. Now you've gone and dedicated yourself to smothering me. I'm counting down the days just to see if you're a man of your word. lol