10 November 2012

Which Kowalski Did You Vote For?

Bein' wide awake at 0300 sucks.
Ya lay in bed with your mind goin' 100 miles an hour, hoping you can get back to sleep but knowin' that's probably gonna be impossible. So, in my case, I lay quietly, hoping I can at least get some rest, and I don't want to wake Sara Jean.
And then the crazy thinking starts and it hit me like a ton o' bricks-
Last week we had a choice between two KOWALSKI'S.
We chose poorly. Lemme flesh it out:
First, there's "empty chair" Walt Kowalski. Walt drives this car:

He's owned it since new and wants it to last forever.
He keeps it in his garage, frequently changes the oil, and loves to pull it out now and then to wash and wax it.
He LOVES the car. When he dies, he hopes whoever ends up with it will love and care for it just like he does.

Then there's the OTHER Kowalski.
He drives this car:

He's a "Choom" sorta guy...
Cool. Laid back. Fast.
And let me emphasize FAST.
He's in a hurry. He doesn't much care for the car... It's just a tool.
He abuses it. Drives it like he stole it, wide open. Oil changes? Wash and wax? HA! No time for such things!
No terrain can stop him...
Desert, highway medians, gaps where bridges are ALMOST completed? No problem for this Kowalski.
Just give him a handful of illicit drugs and let him be on the way to his destination.
And the car? Who CARES about the car? He's only gonna be using it temporarily 'cause he's got important stuff to do.

On November 6, 2012, we had a choice:
"Gran Torino" Kowalski, or,
"Vanishing Point" Kowalski.

I think the ending of these movies is a good analogy for our troubled times.
Don't you wish I'd keep my 3 A.M. thoughts to myself?!!


Ed Bonderenka said...

Just screaming Brilliant!

cary said...

Nope. Keep sharing your 0300 thoughts - and your 0800 thoughts, and your 1935 thoughts, and your 2359 thoughts.

Because they are solid, salient, and on point.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The "youth" vote turnout was larger than expected. It warms my evil heart to think they will get the bill to rebuild Kowalski's ride.

cary said...

WSF - it warms my heart, too, knowing that I have young idealistic relatives who have not figured out the difference between "flash" and "bang" when it comes to effectiveness.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Obama is going to take the beautiful, white, rare 1970 Challenger R/T 440 and smash it right into the blockaded bulldozers.



lotta joy said...

I voted for the car made in america.