20 October 2012

John's "Jedi Mind Control".

I asked for advice, and you gave it.
Good advice too, I might add.
And now the safe you see above is in place in my home, kinda in spite of your advice. Lemme tell ya how that happens-
We're going South for the Winter. The idea of leaving our "armory" behind, (even for short stints now), was uncomfortable. We knew we had to buy a safe so we wouldn't be constantly worried about coming home to find the door jimmied and our valuables gone. I had done some research on my own, but hearing from folks I respect confirmed my own thoughts... For the money, the "Liberty" safe was probably the best way to resolve our problem.
So I called my gun dealer, (a fellow pilot that's now become a personal friend).

"John, I need a gun safe. Do you handle 'Liberty' safes?"

"Nope. I handle 'Browning' safes." (And in the background I hear the sound of pages being shuffled.)

"That's a shame, 'cause I'm ready to buy a 'Liberty', YESTERDAY!"

"What are you looking for in a safe?"

"The advice I'm hearing from those I respect is to buy a 'Liberty' and to buy a bigger safe than I think I'll need."

"Do you care if it's scratched?"

"John, it's gonna be in my garage and it'll get scratched within a week anyway. Why?"

"I can sell you the biggest safe 'Browning' makes today for half price. It's a 'second'... it has a scratch on it somewhere. And it's RED."

"Half price? How much is half price?"
And the price he quoted was only a slightly higher than the MUCH smaller "Liberty" I had decided to buy.

"What's the fire rating on this safe?"

"Ninety minutes."

Think. Question:
"If you'll deliver and help me put it in place for that price, order and get it on the way."

"I'll do that, but on top of the price you'll have to buy me and my delivery guys a case of beer."
It weighs almost 1400 pounds and took FOUR of us to moose it into place. A case of beer for that labor was CHEAP. (Thank you John!)

So the "RED" safe you see pictured above now resides in my garage. It's big enough that Sara Jean and I literally could get in and use it as a storm shelter. I cannot imagine we'll ever be able to use all the available space.
It ain't a "Liberty", but it's beautiful. It was priced RIGHT. And it gives us the peace of mind we need when we leave home.
I thank you for your good advice, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit I didn't use it.
Now, would you have made the same decision?


Peter said...

Indeed I would! Browning RSC's (Residential Security Containers) are among the better-quality 'safes' out there, and a cosmetically 'challenged' unit is just as secure as one with an intact paint job. Great deal!

Greybeard said...

Thanks Peter. That makes me feel more secure.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'd swear I read this a couple days ago!
You might find this interesting:
It shows what I know about safes.
Not much.

Old NFO said...

I would have too. I 'hope' that thing has the old fashioned dial and not the electronic lock!

Greybeard said...

Mine has the manual combination lock, Navy.
But I'm not so sure that's a good thing now.
Check this out.

Matt said...

Hey Greybeard. I'm back. I couldn't stay out of the blogosphere very long with everything going on, but I've been too busy to get back on until now. Anyway, I have a new site which I will do my best to update work-permitting. Good to see your still flying. Take Care.

The Old Man said...

You betcha.

lotta joy said...

In Indiana, I had a fantastically dry cistern that served many purposes. But this time I had to use my imagination and think like a burglar.

After we got home, we enjoyed pulling our guns and assorted valuables out of the oven and out of the RECYCLE garbage bin.

Sometimes, to save the cheese, ya gotta think like a rat and I figured that few rats would think to check the recycle bin or the oven.

Then again, I could be wrong, but I'm still armed and my 3 month supply of pain meds are still intact. lol

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

It's a good idea if your house can hold one. Mine is a wooden elevated foundation and limited width doors. A piece of anything that size and weight just wouldn't fit, and couldn't hold the weight.

But God bless ya for having on in your garage! You WILL feel more at rest and assured.