09 July 2012

A Different World

My son was toddling.
We had little money... I was "between jobs".
We found our pleasures where we could.

One of our local stations started airing a program called "Hot Hit Videos"...
We're kinda bored with 'em now, but when these "mini-movies" set to music first came out, Sara Jean and I were fascinated with them.
We'd actually schedule our Saturday nights around this one-hour program...
Pop popcorn or buy chips and salsa to snack on while we watched.
This tune was one of our favorites from that time:

We look back at that time now with fondness.
No money? Who cared?!
We had one another, a healthy baby, good music, good eats, and smiles on our faces.
Who needed anything more?
How 'bout you? 
Did ya have a similar interest?
Share with us.


Old NFO said...

Our 'thing' back in those days was the 'free' stuff, e.g. going to the lake, or getting 'free' passes to weekend matinees. Never did watch much TV, even today I pretty much ONLY watch news.

eiaftinfo said...

Our "thing" was road- trips, short ones, camping thrown in. We both had hobbies - horses, ham radio - nothing real expensive but fun. And soon enough we had our first little one.

I suppose not alot has changed - still like road trips, camping and little ones. But now they go home at night . . . . much quieter! :)

You came to mind as I looked out the front of my office this morning - took this video.


My neighbors crops are about burnt to a crisp and the grass hoppers and making a VERY early appearance. Lots of critters to chew away on an already heavily damaged crop. No rain coming for the forseeable future either - suspect most will end up as silage.

Timothy Frazier said...

I thought we were about to get "Rick Rolled".