12 January 2012

"No Reserve!"

There is so much to learn, and some things don't come easily to me.

I want to buy another bike. There is no room in the garage, so the purchase of another (smaller, maybe an 883 Sportster) bike is dependent on the sale of the older GoldWing.
A couple folks were interested enough to come and check it out in person. Both wanted to make trades for vehicles I'm not interested in, so their purchase of my bike is dependent on the sale of the vehicles they wanted to trade me. Still, I'm checking eBay daily, just to insure I know what prices bikes I'm interested in are bringing. And that's where I need your help-

"NO RESERVE!" it says at the top of the narrative for the bike.
Yet under the bid box we are informed, "Reserve not met", even though 14 people have bid on this machine. And you see where I'm confused...

If there's no reserve, how can the reserve not be met?

I'm sure there's a simple explanation this simple mind can understand.
Hep me somebody!


Meteor said...

Let me start by saying that you probably will not like this answer.

When the reserve system on Ebay was initially implemented, the field for a true/false Reserve field was added, to show bidders whether or not the item would actually be sold to the highest bidder at any given time.

This field is enabled for certain categories of items, and while it can be disabled manually (by the seller when the listing is created), in your case it looks as if it has not been.

So the dumb computer thinks, with no reserve value (or initialized value), the highest bid is never greater-than-or-equal the reserve value. (not entered)

Uneducated guess.

cj said...

You know...

If you want room in your garage...

I'd take that 'Vette off your hands, free of charge...

Just sayin'.