27 November 2011

Better Than A Dirty Diaper!

I am not a big Newt fan. There are things about him that trouble me A LOT. As others have pointed out he comes with his own set of "baggage". His recent immigration comments make me cringe. But I have also said many times recently, a feces-filled baby's diaper could do a better job as POTUS than the present golfer in the White House. And if that's my only choice versus Obama, the soiled diaper will get my vote.

Viewing this video will consume less than ten minutes of your life.
Watch it.
Then, in the comments, tell me if
it doesn't give you hope for the future of our beloved country.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Newt has changed over the years. I could vote for him now. What he is now saying does give hope.

What I remember is the Republican Party, in the Reagan years, was infested with the Tom DeLay types whose operating principals were, "I'm getting mine, fuck you."

I held my nose and voted for McCain. First Republican I voted for since Gerald Ford. I will again vote for whoever opposes Obama. I just hope I don't have to hold my nose.

Rita said...

Great video of a great speech. Makes me think I have been missing the message. But wait, I haven't been missing the message, it simply isn't getting out. The debates are not serving us well if we are hearing this message.

The liberal GOP is forcing Mitt down our throats and he is probably the only candidate where I would hold my nose to vote. I will NOT vote if Ron Paul is the candidate. Quite frankly I think we're "safer" under Obama than Paul.

I've been dismissing Newt but this video makes me realize he probably IS the only candidate that could make it work.

Scotty said...

You and I more than likely have the same issues with Newt. As a conservative, seeing Newt so many times, side with party instead of conservatism is my biggest. And I got a list of the problems I have with Newt that is long as my arm.

After saying that, sadly, he's the most conservative of the bunch that are running at this time. In my humble opinion.

I held my nose and voted for McCain last time and vowed I'd never lower my standards that low again. So, I'll refuse to vote for Romney for that same reasons I felt so dirty voting for McCain, if he wins the nomination.

Conservatism WILL beat President Obama, it's a shame the Republicans(the snobs and elite of the party) can't seem to see that!

A debate between Newt and President Obama would sure be entertaining and I hope it comes to fruition!

ddf said...

I lived in Cobb County Georgia, I voted for Newt. I shook his hand. He has some issues, I know that. I'm not sure he can be elected but I think he is the right guy for these times. Yes, I would vote for him again.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Not looking for a firefight here, but there appears to be no way that the majority of the American people want to evict the people that Newt describes.
Therefore,this position makes Newt more electable to the "independents" at the expense of ticking off conservative purists.
We need to look at the whole package and see what we can live with, to get more of what we want.

CnC said...

He makes more sense than anyone in the running. He just needs to stop drinking the Global warming koolaid and he needs a "come to Jesus moment" on the border. If he does get the nod in the primary I will back him even though those two issues are a huge stumbling block to our success and security. Like you said G.B. even with those problems in his platform, he is lightyears ahead of Bozama in smarts!

Old NFO said...

Yep, he 'does' have baggage, but he also has ideas, and he does know what he is talking about...

The Old Man said...

I will state for the record that I have disagreed with "Perfessor" Gingrich a lot. Keeping him in line may need a full time keeper with whip rights.
But compared to Willard with his Romneycare and anti-2A stance and that pusillanimous pustule that is presently robbing my grandchildren of their future, I'll take my chances with the Perfessor.
Or Gilligan....

Rita said...

I'm with you on this one Ed. While I think it's crazy to allow illegal aliens resident status, I can't imagine those that have spent nearly their entire life here and have lead honorable lives being deported back into a country that is really not their country anymore.

I don't have a good solution to the problem, but I suspect I know a few of these guys who have been here 20, 30 years or more, who work for a living and have abided by the law as much as possible.

I don't see any benefit in deporting people like that. I DO support the laws that passed in AZ. If you're arrested or suspected of some crime, do the background check and deport them.

Just to make it clear, I also do not support housing families with "anchor babies". Send them all back to Mexico.

Obviously there can never be an answer which fits all situations.

Scotty said...

I don't have a good solution to the problem, but I suspect I know a few of these guys who have been here 20, 30 years or more, who work for a living and have abided by the law as much as possible.

What concerns me about that, Rita, is how do we go about validating those folks that have been here 20+ years.

I can see that easily warped to fit all sorts of political expediencies.

I'm not being critical of what you said, just trying to sort it out as I don't have an easy fix either. The word amnesty just makes me itch....:-)

Greybeard said...

And you hint at another problem I foresee, Scotty-
What about someone who falls a week short of the threshold?
Two weeks?
I can see that we'll end up "fudging" whatever limit we put in place, (and you're right... how do we prove it anyway?)
We're gonna reward law-breakers.
That is not a good path to walk.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I think that's why Newt suggested 'Selective Service" type boards to "vet" the immigrants.

Rita said...

That's the whole point Scotty and GB. I don't think there is a good answer that fits all situations.

One of the pundits on Sunday morning political shows said it best. That Newt's idea of local boards was a perfect solution AND one that would be impossible to enact.

I think we mostly need to start with the border states that are (or at least were) getting bombarded with young illegal aliens, start with the criminals, then go deeper, into the urban cities where they house 20 people in a residential cheap rental.

But to deport families that have lived their entire lives here and not committed any (other) criminal acts doesn't benefit anyone.

AND NO welfare, health care, food stamps or any governmental assistance for illegal aliens. Period. Removing that incentive off that table will send a lot of them packing without any other governmental intervention.

Greybeard said...

Here, once again, is my solution:
Build the fence. Do what is necessary to make border crossing near-impossible.
Reform legal immigration laws to facilitate entry for those with vocations we need.
Then start deporting those that break the law, NO EXCEPTIONS... traffic stops, domestic disputes, etc., and let it be known that those deported under these circumstances will be BARRED re-entry into the U.S..
Motivate those that truly want to stay and be productive to leave, then get on the legal track.

Rewarding law-breakers stinks.
Let's stop.

Rita said...

Agreed! And I'm hearing tonight how those who truly do not understand the average American think the TEA Party is dead.

From where I sit, that is just dead wrong. We're just waiting for the stupid political process to play out and if we don't like what the GOP comes up with, you better watch out.

We will not support Romney, Paul or Huntsman. At least I won't.

Beau's Mom said...

It is my humble opinion that words are meaningless and you only get the truth through their actions AFTER being elected.

Most anyone could run under the banner of "I'm not Obama", but we also need to dismantle all those buses that offer a free ride to the polls. wheeeee