06 October 2011

Accessory To Murder

Two U.S. Law Enforcement Agents dead.
Countless civilians dead in Mexico.
All because of a program put in place, then overseen by this man.
Is this the most corrupt adminstration EVER?

You are a liar sir, and you've been caught in your lie.
Go to Jail.


Red Shoes said...

What is equally astounding is that Holder and accomplices put the ATF in charge of this plan... the very governmental organization that is responsible for the management of illegal firearm activity, and then blatantly broke the laws of the land.

This administration is something when it comes to which laws they will and will NOT enforce!


the golden horse said...

And you have the corrupted Prez standing there today and telling the world he still has faith in this guy?
One thing about this White House is, one will lie and another will swear to it.
I suggest a mass cleaning, it is still our house and they are there at our bidding and they can leave the same way.

Timothy Frazier said...

Holder, ATF, Odumba, FBI...they all need to go work in the private sector. Of course no profitable company would have 'em.

ATF is an agency that has a rich history of screwing up clandestine and strategic operations. Team 'em up with the AG's office and FBI and you get this, Ruby Ridge, and the Waco Branch Davidian fiasco. And don't forget the little cuban kid who had a rifle shoved in his face under Janet Reno.

Look at all the lives lost and constitutional violations. Who went to jail? Nobody but private citizens.

Authoritarian rule on its way? Quit looking to the future, folks, we're already there.

By the way, ATF and FBI have always been just as bad no matter which party held the White House.

National police forces established in spite of the constitution and used as para-military organizations against U.S. citizens by the U.S. Government.

That's what they are, despite the good men and women they hire who risk their lives every day and have admirable individual ethics and motivations.

the golden horse said...

Hammock did a great hour special edition today on Fast and Furious if you can catch the program.

the golden horse said...

That was suppose to say Hannity, sorry.