12 June 2010

Fifteen Minutes

The photo is of an entity known as Lady Gaga.
No, don't ask me, 'cause to my knowledge I've never heard anything she's done. But it's impossible to go through the checkout line at any market and not see the tabloid covers...
Right now she's working her gimmick as hard as she can.
She's following the path of Rip Taylor, Alice Cooper, Boy George, or a dozen others who used an outlandish appearance to draw attention to themselves.

In order for this "schtick" to work... to not get tiresome, the entertainer has to be entertaining.
Those mentioned above, arguably, were reasonably successful for more than 15 minutes.
I guess I'll have to catch "Gaga" doin' her thing and see for myself if her candle will still be burning 16 minutes from now.


Rita said...

Maybe she's practicing for some Sharia laws.

We saw her "performance" on some music award show. Believe me, you don't want to waste any of your time catching this idiot doing anything.

the golden horse said...

I think this is a huge cry out for help. Where are her parents? I know she is over the age limit, but, sometimes an intervention is sorely needed. Did you see the news clip of her at the ball game?
Two fingers high up in the air and stripping down do her undies.
She had talent without all of this. She has gone off the deep end it seems.

cary said...

I refer to her and her music as GagGag.

Not worth the time or the remaining eardrums.

cj said...

You've insulted Alice Cooper by mentioning him with this train wreck.



Cissy Apple said...

My husband loves this chick...and it makes me wonder what in the hell is wrong with him. I think she's just a revamped version of Madonna. "GaGa" gags me.

camerapilot said...

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Radio Patriot said...

This is one sicko broad. Skip this one. I don't care how much "talent" she has... she's common.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

As you point out, talent helps. Alice Cooper actually had talent, as did Glen Buxton on lead guitar and Dennis Dunaway on bass. CJ's correct: making the comparison is an insult to Mr Furnier.