22 March 2007

Get 'Em While They're "In"!

I know you, like me, are concerned about the environment.
You're probably feeling real guilty about living in your big ol' home...
heating and air conditioning all that unneeded space.

Or like me, you grimace every time you start your "Belchfire 8" automobile and drive it half a mile to buy that quart of skim milk.

Have no fear, bunky... Old Greybeard is here to help!

I've decided to sell "Carbon Credits"!
Like our beloved prophet Al Gore, you can continue to fly around in your Gulfstream jet, or pay a huge electricity bill for your expansive digs...
and feel no guilt whatsoever...
you've cleansed yourself of sins by purchasing your "Greybeard Carbon Credits"!

Simply send your checks to:
"Blue Sky" Carbon Credits
c/o Greybeard
Farce, Missouri


Millz said...

I, for one, applaud this valiant effort. My check is in the mail. :)

The Old Man said...

The "BR549" is a nice touch, Junior....

cary said...

Ooh! Ooh! Sign me up!

Mike said...

I read an incredibly interesting article last week.

Here is the summary-

- The nickel plant in Ontario that produces Nickel for the Prius batteries has turned the area around the plant into a barren, poisonous wasteland for miles. No plants will grow there.

- Over the average life expectancy of the Prius the cost to operate is 50% higher than a Hummer over it's expected life.

- It takes five years of driving a Prius to make up the premium up-charge in fuel savings.

- In real world driving tests the Prius barely manages 3-4 mpg over compact cars from Chevy and Honda that are not hybrids.

I will dig for the link.

Vic said...

Wow if I had only seen Blue Sky credits sooner. I just sent my check off to Bendover Green. Maybe next time.