19 December 2006

Desilu Update:

FURTHER UPDATE, Wednesday evening:
Both dogs are okay.
Desi is home, listless and drowsy. When he's not interested in a 'treat", ya know something really outta the ordinary is going on.
Lucy is fine. I'll pick her up on my way home from work tomorrow.
Now the question is, how much behavioral change will we notice?

Time will tell.


It's been three months since we found Lucy roaming the streets, trying to get squished. She's a delight, and we wouldn't trade her for the world.

A few points about her, for those of you that care about critters, doggies in particular:

I really felt that training her with Desi would be easier than starting from scratch with her alone.
I was wrong.
She's a smaller dog, so her "pile" is small......
easily identifiable as "Lucy's mistake."
Still, I'm uncomfortable punishing her unless I actually catch her in the act. The problem is that the two of them are so active.....
they irritate one another to death..... hot laps around the living room!
In order to remain sane, you learn to ignore much of their behavior.
Ignoring their behavior results in finding a small pile beneath the dining room table.
Poor Desi...... we point to the pile and ask, "WHAT IS THIS!?"
Lucy wags her tail, cocks her head, and looks dumb. (She really reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres' character "Dori" in "Finding Nemo"!)
Desi knows house poopage is wrong, so he slinks off, afraid he's gonna be punished for her mistake.

She really is Desi's dog. She loves us, but he comes first.

She follows him everywhere, watching what he does, gnawing on his ears, chewing on his tail as they go.
He's a Saint.
He more than puts up with it...... he actually seems to enjoy it.

If she ignores him, he checks on her..... and sometimes instigates a tussle on his terms.

I finally caught her in the act. She squatted in a corner of the living room and I shouted at her as I picked her up in mid-poop. Solid waste landed on a recliner as I paddled her little butt. There's been no pooping in the house since.

I normally get home from work at 7:30 A.M..
Doggies are ready for our normal "one lap around the lot."
We leash Desi only...... so long as he is restrained, Lucy won't go far.
Both squat immediately when we get outside.
Poopage takes a little walkin', in order to get the machinery lubricated.
Funny..... we frequently get formation poopage!
Good Boy! Good girl!

Desi is just over a year old.
The Vet tells us Lucy is probably about 6 months old now. (By the way, on the papers he filled out on her, he decided her major breed type is "poodle".)
After our morning ritual when I get home from work tomorrow, Desi, Lucy and I will drive to the Vet, and both dogs will be neutered.
Desi gets to come home tomorrow night.....
Lucy has to stay the night for observation.

I know it has to be done, but I'm a little scared.
Is it silly to ask for prayers for animals?
If you don't think it's stupid, I'd appreciate it if you'd include them in yours.
I'll update you afterwards.
Thanks everyone!


the golden horse said...

You are not silly for asking for a prayer for your two newest family members. You are being a very responsible pet owner by having them spayed and neutered.
Easy on the rough play for a few days until all is healed and all of you should be back to normal.
I am sure your dogs, being the human owners they are, will forgive you soon.
Best of luck to you all.

Mommanurse said...

So, I guess this means you don't want any "doodles" or "poohunds" ?

Greybeard said...

"Doodles" woulda been cute, huh Sis?
"Poo"-hunds is exactly what I'm trying to avoid through training!

Long-term health was the big factor in this decision. Apparently, breast cancer is much more prevalent in females that are neutered after coming "into season."

We'd like both dogs to be healthy with us for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Awww...consider it done...though by now, I'm sure it's over. I hope they'll each have speedy recoveries!!

Happy Holidays to all of you!!!