20 September 2006

Are You a Slave?

Have you been watching the news about the Pope, and his reference to what some long ago Emperor said about Mohammed?

Does it seem to you that the reaction to what the Pope said proves his point beyond question?

Are you offended by cartoons about Mohammed?
What about a cartoon of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, and her venereal disease?
Which of these cartoons do you think might result in your being blown to pieces by an IED?

Are you uncomfortable with this subject?
Will you use your 1st Amendment rights to discuss how ridiculous this whole issue is, and defend to your death the right of the cartoon producers to publish whatever they choose, no matter how foul?

If not, you are already a slave.
And it will get worse.........
Too soon.


Paul said...

I totally agree with you. I bet if I were to protest outside a mosque I'd be arrested but others can spread their hate and that's free speech. The PC brigade is out of control.

Jason said...

Hear hear!

Flightfire said...

I agree also. The disproportionate amount of anger in the Muslim world is a little scary. It seems like any tiny little thing will set them off. I sometimes wonder where such virulent anger and hatred comes from.

the golden horse said...

Include with that, the whole discussion on what torture is and how we obtain info. Can it get anymore dumb?
Do these people not realize if we don't pull together and fight this insanity, we lose, BIG.
Talk it out, yeah, over my dead.....Like that would help.
These people are using the very stupidty of the left to fight their war and they are winning.
They are masters using propaganda.
Why are they allowed to say or do anything and it is just hunky dorey, but let us or Isreal protect ourselves and we are the bad guys??
Unless the far left wants to learn how to start praying 5 times a day, and the women start wearing Burkas, they had better get their butts in gear and their heads out of the sands of the Middle East, and, oh yeah, give up their mocha lattes and suv's cause they can't have them along with all their worldly goods. The choice is theirs....now.
I put the reaction with the poor ole Pope right up there with the interviews with the President of Iran...what a travesty.

OlePrairiedog said...

I am deeply disturbed and offended beyond coherence at times. I cannot fathom a religion that burns another religions churches and kills a nun in retalitation for a quote repeated by a modern day Pontiff. AND THEN SAYS WE ARE NOT A VIOLENT RELIGION BUT A PEACEFUL RELIGION.

Horse Pucky, and it scares me witless.