25 October 2005

They're called "Choppers"

I'm pretty sure
  • this
  • is a fake.

    This is a Robinson R44 helicopter.
    The rotor on this machine is almost 11 feet in the air,
    and does not droop like the rotor on a Bell JetRanger
    does as it slows after shutdown.
    The guy would have to be 8 feet tall for this to actually happen.

    Nevertheless, the video is pretty effective in making it's point.


    Aviatrix said...

    Ha ha I'm so the opposite of that video.

    Even when getting out of a BIG helicopter that I saw before start up had blades that were waaay over my head, I run away bent double until I'm probably twice the blade span away from the helicopter.

    Was that video really a clothing store ad?

    Greybeard said...

    Obviously, better safe than sorry ALWAYS applies!

    I'm amazed when I see a Chinook or an Enstrom shut down. I have no Brantley experience, but all those aircraft will cut you in half if you approach them as the rotor coasts to a stop after shutdown.

    Clothing store ad? Yep. If you look at some of the other links on their site, they are targeting tall, "hard to fit" men.