16 August 2005

I've Been Mistaken

For the last couple years I've had regular correspondence with a female relative.
She is of the "Bush lied, people died" persuasion.

No sense going into how "Bush Lied"......that leads to a dead end, even for her, because all parties were deceived by our "faulty" intelligence about WMD's going into the war.

I originally thought SEVENTEEN U.N. RESOLUTIONS were more than enough justification for liberating Iraq.

But my correspondent has inadvertently opened my eyes to how the world could be improved if we would just cease our belligerent ways in Iraq and bring our soldiers home!

The world could then begin to move down the path of righteousness provided by the guidance of our Islamic brethren:

Stupid women like my relative would have to think twice about corresponding with superior thinking men like me!

Women would no longer be in the workplace, therefore freeing up jobs for men that need to provide food for their families.

The abortion problem would go away in an instant.........women that get pregnant outside marriage will be stoned to death. (Stones not too big as to kill too quickly, and not too small as to be ineffective!)

And Cindy Sheehan? HA!

She'll be first in line for stoning!

Why has it taken so long for me to see the error in my thinking?
It's obvious that most of the problems of the world would go away if we would just get out of Iraq and take up the tenets of "Shari'a" law!

So come on men! Take up the banner and join in........it's the resolution to most of our problems!

Out of Iraq!
No more aggression against our Muslim Brothers!

Support Iran in their quest for nuclear power!

March to the Mosque! A perfect world is just around the corner!

And Hillary for President?

Obviously impossible!

What a vision!

On re-reading, seems like a pretty harsh tone, and I considered deleting.
Then I decided I'd leave the post as written.

I believe Jane Fonda and John Kerry assisted in killing our troops in Viet Nam.
Cindy Sheehan and her like are killing our troops in Iraq. What a shame.....a woman in such pain is causing more mothers to suffer the same pain.

But most of these idiots that are supporting the "Freedom Fighters" in Iraq do so simply because of their extreme hate for George Bush!

If you are an insurgent in Baghdad, you well know our history: we have no guts for war.
All you have to do is bloody our nose often enough, and we'll soon pack our bags and run for home. We won't finish the job.

But this is truly a situation where we need to be careful what we wish for......
And it is EXTRAORDINARILY important for the rights of women of the world!


Old Blind Dog said...

I read very carefully. I didn't see anything about your essay that was harsh.


maybe it's just me.

VietPundit said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I replied to them here.

Best regards,

Infinitegtr said...

If you thought the blog was harsh, that is simply because many of us have forgotten, if indeed we ever knew, the ugly truths that men like you and your brothers in arms learned in Vietnam. Your words carry a certain authority and truthfulness that most pundits and acitivists lack.

I wish that "main stream media" and our political system had more folks like you, and less folks like the asshats who currently populate those ranks.

Keep cranking em out...

denicave said...

This was not harsh. It was painfully truthful. I am sorry it is a relative who cannot see the truth. That is hurtful. We have many in our family who have served. It is their service that has allowed us to be the country we are - including yours. Continue to speak out. It is critical. a

Great blod, sweetpea :p)