27 April 2005

When Chihuahuas attack!

Little Bubba is almost three years old. He weighs 8 pounds, has four legs, and no longer barks in baritone, poor boy.
I was surprised when my significant other brought him into our home, because she grew up in apartments and never owned a pet. She has never been comfortable sharing her space with a being that thinks covering yourself with the smell of roadkill is a wonderful thing! And he's so clueless, he still hasn't learned that rolling in poopoo gets you an immediate bath!

If you look up in the far right corner of this page you will see a tab marked "next blog>>". Now, you need to know that it is an inside joke in our industry that EMS means "Earn Money Sleeping"! Sometimes, instead of "Earning Money Sleeping", ol' Greybeard will click that tab and "Earn Money Surfing"... surfing blogs. Now, if you're gonna do this, be aware that this sometimes takes you to some pretty exotic places, so if one makes you uncomfortable, just move your cursor up there and punch the tab again!
A couple nights ago I was pokin' that tab and came across the blog of a 21 year old motorcycle rider from Southern California. The blog was attractive and well written. The title of the top post was "F*****D UP!" Got my attention immediately! He wrote that he came home on his bike to find his Mother and Father in tears. They owned two Dachshunds... one of them was dead, the other would die in minutes. They were playing in their fenced in back yard when a pit bull happened by, and they did what Dachshunds do naturally... they let the bigger dog know they didn't appreciate him being in the same county with them, much less right outside their fence! The two dogs somehow found a small hole in the fence and escaped... then unfortunately, the pit bull did what pit bulls do naturally!
What is it in the nature of small dogs that makes them think they are "Stone Cold" Steve Austin? Have you ever been attacked by a Chihuahua? There is one down the street from us that comes out to threaten us when we walk by. Sara Jean is terrified of him, but he irritates me enough to make me wonder how satisfying it would be to lever my size 10 boot amidships and see how far the furry little critter would sail! (And have you noticed this is the only time the little yipers don't shiver like Don Knotts on the old Steve Allen show?)
Anyway, Little Bubba has this same spirit. He thinks he is the meanest Mutha around, and a great hunter to boot! Rabbits easily outdistance him. Squirrels enjoy it when he gives chase, and then they turn and taunt him from halfway up the tree! When he is on one of these "quests" he is a blockhead with selective hearing... he may as well be deaf! Forget thinking you have any control over him!
Of course, I've grown quite fond of having "blockhead" around... can't imagine coming home and not having him meet us ecstatically! Reading the Californians' blog reminded me we have to keep good barricades between Little Bubba and the Rottweilers and Pit Bulls of the world!

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