30 March 2008

The "Intelligizer"

The Intelligizer.
Apply directly to the forehead!
You'll add 20 points to your intelligence quotient!

Hogwash of course... I made that one up.
(And for those of you in Lichtenstein, I'm poking fun at a TV ad being shown every 15 minutes or so on U.S. television.) I'm absolutely certain an advertising agency could mount a campaign selling such a product, and it would no doubt make it's way into a number of homes.
(Hmmm. Maybe that's my way to that first million$$!)

So there's the theme for today's post... stuff bein' hawked on TV...
Does it work?
There's a new product being offered called "The Peticure". It appears to be sort of a high-speed grinding tool, designed specifically to take the place of the clippers I use to make Lucy's toenails bleed at a frequency that makes me sad. As in all these ads the product looks great, folks in the ad rave about it, and it's reasonably priced...
"Just $19.99! But wait, there's more!"

Some months ago Sara Jean scratched her sunglasses... a pair of "Serengeti Drivers" I gave her. She loved the glasses and bemoaned their loss.
To the rescue- The Lens Doctor!
All I had to do was buy this clear super-glue lookin' stuff and swab it onto the scratch with a cotton swab and presto! Her glasses would be like new, right?

Well, not so fast, bunky!
I decided to let my fingers do the walkin' on the internet before shelling out the cash, and found there are several sites that review many of the "miracle working" things being advertised on TV. Here's one of 'em.
"Tater Mitts", "Mighty Putty", "Sham Wow", that stuff that is supposed to do invisible repairs on torn leather goods... all of 'em are reviewed at one or another of these sites. Surprisingly, some of them actually work as advertised! (According to several reviews, "The Lens Doctor" doesn't.)

If you're curious, go take a look at what they say about "The Peticure". And before you pick up the phone to shell out the green for something that sounds too good to be true... find yourself a "Does it work?" review!
You'll be glad you did.


The Joker said...

Everyone knows Sex sells!
Sex and repetition, that is.
Repetition, repetition, repetition!

And if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

For my money, I'll wait until someone else has tried it, and if they recommend it, then: sure I'll try it (maybe).

Greybeard said...

Sex and repetition! I like the sound of that, Joker!

"For my money, I'll wait until someone else has tried it, and if they recommend it, then: sure I'll try it (maybe)."

I need ya to clarify for me...
What exactly are we talking about here? ;>)

The Joker said...

Ok, in my last sentence....I was NOT referring to Sex! HA!
I was referring to commercial products.....only.

I just got caught up in the moment when I read: The "Intelligizer". Apply directly to the forehead!
It reminded me of another annoyingly repetitive commercial.

Anyhow, before all these paid commercial programs, that are on now, it was usually sex & repetition that sold products.

And might I add....Poor Lucy!!!
By the way, I have one of those grinding machines that does pet toenails. I've had it for 2 years and never used it because I'm afraid that I'll grind them down too far.
I'm hopeless.